What if you could answer your calls on your tablet or browser before they go to voicemail?

Phonnix voicemail does exactly that. By using Voice over IP technology we can transfer calls to any device (Smartphone, Tablet or browser) and we give users the chance to answer missed calls before they go to voicemail.
So next time you leave your phone at home, in a restaurant or if you simply run out of battery you can still answer your calls on your second device.
If users still don't answer the calls they will be notified via email and SMS and they can access their voicemail via email, website or Smartphone/Tablet App. Of course that users can also call the assigned voicemail number and listen to voicemail the traditional way.

If you go through the number verification process it's also possible to call using your own mobile number from another Phonnix device or desktop browser!

Check Availability

While transfering calls to any number depends only on the operator, transfering calls to other Phonnix devices also relies on Twilio. VoIP numbers are used to transfer calls to other Phonnix devices or a Desktop browser. Check if this Twilio service is available for you



Receive calls on your browser and tablet before they go to voicemail and make calls using your own number.


Receive email notifications when you receive a voicemail


Connect Phonnix to Facebook and receive notifications in your favorite social network


Multiple Numbers

Share one voicemail across multiple numbers


Install Phonnix for Android in your Smartphone and receive your call in your Tablet

Chome Extension

Chrome Extension

With this chrome extension it's possible to stay always close to your phone even if you're not logged in at www.phonnix.com INSTALL

No emergency calls Phonnix won't replace your phone and can't be used for emergency calls




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