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To access your phone remotely you must first install the application on your phone and enable remote access
You must login with the same Google account you use on your android device
If you haven't installed the application yet, then you're not ready yet...


  • Android smartphone 2.3+ running in Host Mode
  • Android Tablet or smartphone 2.3+ running in Client Mode
  • or Desktop with Latest Browser (Google's Chrome recommended) with 3rd party cookies enabled
  • Google Account (same account used on your Android device)
  • Facebook Account (optional)
  • Internet connection (3G or Wifi)


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No Voicemail Messages

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Phonnix Rates

Phonnix 2 Phonnix

Fixed Line Numbers

10 Credits / minute
Mobile Numbers

100 Credits / minute

Phonnix Buy Credit

1000 Credits

(EUR 4.5)

4.5 cents/min
45 cents/min

5.000 Credits

(EUR 20)

2.8 cents/min
28 cents/min

10.000 Credits

(EUR 25)

2.5 cents/min
25 cents/min

* for American Express select USD

Your credit will be available immediately after the purchase is completed and will be available for 3 months since the last activity

Phonnix What can I do with my credit?

Call from your browser and Android device

Call directly from your favorite browser. All you need is a flash enabled, a microphone and set of speakers or headphones.
It's also possible to call from your Android device.

Use your own number

Your identity is important and we know it.
If you verify your number you'll be able to make calls using your mobile number. Verify number now!

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Phonnix General

Cient Id Name that identifies this browser check your devices




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Phonnix Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Password Set Password
* Activate Call Forwarding via SMS. Ex: '@phonnix 123mypass +31612345678'

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding
Phonnix Storage

Message Storage Delete Messages

Contacts Storage Delete Messages

Phonnix Language

Phonnix Sound

Play Sound

Play Sound

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Number Verification
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Call Forwarding
Battery Status
Wifi Wifi
Mobile Data Mobile Data
Map Location
Click to find the location of your phone
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Phonnix Number Verification

If you verify your phone number you'll be able to call from another Phonnix in Client Mode the browser using your own number. If you don't go through this simple step you will of course still be able to call but your contacts won't recognize your number.

1. Type your phone number and press 'Verify Number'.
2. We will call this number and you must insert the verification code we will show in the screen

Verification code

Phonnix Setup Voicemail

If you verify your phone number you'll be able to call from another Phonnix in Client Mode the browser using your own number. If you don't go through this simple step you will of course still be able to call but your contacts won't recognize your number.

1. Type your phone number and press 'Verify Number'.
2. We will call this number and you must insert the verification code we will show in the screen


"extremely useful app" @ Appszoom


Forgot your mobile at home? Almost out of battery?

You don't have to worry anymore, with Phonnix for Android™ you can activate unconditional call forwarding and divert calls to another Android device running the Phonnix App (Smartphone or Tablet), desktop browser or any number.

Because calls are diverted at the mobile operator level, calls will be forwarded even if the device turned off and it's still possible to receive calls.

If your device is online it's possible to send and receive SMS and get incoming and missed calls notifications instantly via Facebook or Email.

If you go through the number verification process it's also possible to call using your own mobile number from another android device or desktop browser!

Try it Now Intro Video Presentation

Check Availability

While transfering calls to any number depends only on the operator, transfering calls to other Phonnix devices also relies on Twilio. VoIP numbers are used to transfer calls to other Phonnix devices or a Desktop browser. Check if this Twilio service is available for you



Client Mode

You don't have to worry anymore, with Phonnix for Android™ in Host Mode you can activate unconditional call forwarding and divert calls to any any number, any desktop browser or any other device (Smartphone or Tablet) running the Phonnix in Client Mode. Users will be able to access their Android from other platforms like iOS or Windows Phone in the future.

Currently we only have client versions for Android but other platforms like iOS (iPhone & iPad), Windows Phone will also be available in the future.

Android app on Google Play
Full Version
Android app on Google Play
Lite Version
Mode Select


With this widget for your Android's Home Screen you can have all your smartphone's call and SMS logs synchronized with your Tablet
Home Screen Widgets

Call Forwarding

Enable call forwarding on your phone to any number.

Pro Forward calls to tablet and browser. **

** This service might not be supported in your country
Depends if your operator or subscription plan allows this feature
Mode Select


Access your applications list and run applications remotely
Mode Select

File Manager

Browse the files on your browser from your Android and download files
Mode Select


Access your temporary voicemail online and never miss that important message anymore
Mode Select


Receive notifications on your tablet or brwoser of incoming calls received on your phone.

Make calls from the tablet or browser to any phone number on your address book.
Mode Select


Connect Phonnix to Facebook and receive notifications in your favorite social network
Mode Select

Mode Select


Synchronize SMS message with Evernote


Access your contact list at any time and manage your favorites and filter contacts through the contacts screen

SMS To Email

Receive SMS messages in your inbox and reply directly via email


Receive SMS messages and notifications. Access your existing conversations on the phone. Send SMS messages from your phone.


If your smartphone is online you can locate your Android device on the map

QR Code

Scan QR code from the login screen and login effortlessly

Chrome Extension

With this chrome extension it's possible to stay always close to your phone even if you're not logged in at INSTALL


Receive Desktop Notifications, and never miss that important SMS or missed call

No emergency calls Phonnix won't replace your phone and can't be used for emergency calls


Developed by

This project was built using cloud technologies.

On the front end it's using the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. It's easy and simple to use and surely removed much of the design work needed for the initial development.

On the server side, the solution was to use Google App Engine, also easy to use and setup and enables a quick and steady development rythm without having to worry too much about performance or scalability.

Telecommunication services are provided via Twilio

Powered by Google App Engine     Powered by Google App Engine

Known Issues

- Device Timeout: Google Clould Messaging sometimes can delay message delivery resulting in timeouts. Click here for more info
  *If you are experiencing these kind of issues you can always download GCM Wifi Fix App from Google Play Store
- Audio quality might suffer some hiccups depending on the network
- Incoming calls and voicemails might not recognize the caller id due to limitations of the operator or the twilio service. this means that most incoming calls will be coming from a blocked number! (Work in progress)




Permissions Explained

Phonnix requires a fairly large amount of permissions to the user, and this is why the application needs it:

CALL_PHONE - Access Call Forwarding functionality

C2D_MESSAGE - Google Cloud Messaging

INTERNET - Full Internet Access to communicate to server

MANAGE_ACCOUNTS - Create Google account if necessary

GET_ACCOUNTS - Access Google accounts

USE_CREDENTIALS - Use Google account credentials to identify user

READ_CONTACTS - Access Address Book

WRITE_CONTACTS - Set Favorites



WAKE_LOCK - Keep phone awake

READ_PHONE_STATE - Access call Log, incoming call notifications

WRITE_PHONE_STATE - Set calls as read

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Access current location of device

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Access current wifi state (on/off)

CHANGE_WIFI_STATE - Change current wifi state (on/off)

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Access current mobile network state (on/off)

CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - Change current mobile network state (on/off)

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Start application after reboot (configurable)

VIBRATE - Vibrate on incoming calls

RECORD_AUDIO - necessary to make calls

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - necessary to mute and put speakers on

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Temporary storage for downloaded files

KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES - Stop applications in background







Is it safe to use

There's no personal information or messages being stored server-side. You don't have to provide any kind of username or password since authentication is delegated to Google or Facebook.
There is information like messages and contacts that are stored in the tablet or browser's local storage and cookies will also be stored in your browser to help identifying and authenticating users.

When using public computers don't forget to logout properly (also logout from Facebook or Google) and it might not be a good idea to store messages and contacts but for private computers, turning it on is recommended for better performance.

Is data encrypted?

Yes! All server communication uses SSL encryption from the phone and browser

Do I need to give away my mobile number?

No, you don't need to provide your mobile number to use Phonnix but you must do so if you want to make Phonix 2 Phonnix calls or if you want to make calls with Phonnix using your number. For these two functionalitites you need verify your number.

Can I make calls using my mobile number?

Yes. But to be able to make calls using your own number it's required to verify that you actually own your number.
The verification process needs to be started by the user. Once the user requests to verify the number the system will call the number and the user will have to type a code shown on the screen.
If the verification is successful all outgoing calls made by Phonnix will use your own number and whoever the user calls will know who is calling even though you are calling from a tablet or browser.

We make sure that your number is safe with us and we will not sell any of your private information or SPAM you with unsolicited messages.

Can I forward calls to any number?

Yes, it's possible to divert calls to another number via the website but it's also possible to activate call forwarding via SMS.

via website:

Go to the status page and activate call forwarding. It's also possible to activate call forwarding via mobile browser at

via SMS:

All you need to do is to send an SMS to your number like this:

@phonnix mypass123

In this form the calls will be forwarded to the number of the original sender of the message but it's also possible to specify a different number like this:

@phonnix mypass123 0612345678


@phonnix mypass123 +31612345678

To disable call forwarding it's also possible to do it through the website and via SMS like this

@phonnix mypass123 off

To activate/deactivate call forwarding via SMS users must set the call forwarding password either via the website or straight in the android application

Can I receive calls on my tablet or browser?

Yes. It is possible to transfer calls from your phone to a tablet (PRO only) or the browser but it depends if your operator or if your subscription allows to activate call forwarding from the phone. To activate call forwarding go to settings page.
Phonnix will provide a temporary number that the device will use to activate call forwarding. Call forwarding will be disabled automatically when the screen in unlocked on the device or when the device is rebooted.
It's also possible to manually deactivate call forwarding but activation call only be done through the web browser or automatically when the battery is almost gone.

Charges apply for your operator. Please check the call forwarding conditions with your operator.

Experimental It's also possible to define which call forwarding codes to use for activation and deactivtion. By default Phonnix uses the code for unconditional call forwarding (**21*) on GSM networks

Why can't I download files from my device?

If you use a popup blocker please allow popups from and make sure your device is online. If nothing else works please refresh the page :-)

Why do I always get Connection timeout messages?

Some wifi routers/hubs experience issues with GCM which is the mechanism used to communicate between the servers and the mobile devices.
If you're using wifi as the source of your connection you might be experiencing this issue. This is not so common over 3G or mobile connections. Click here for more info
If you are experiencing these kind of issues you can always download GCM Wifi Fix App from Google Play Store

If your device is turn off or offline without internet connection you will also experience this behaviour

Why do I see this on my screen?

For the latest Chrome browsers Twilio uses WebRTC as the communications protocol for VOIP calls. This dialog popup up when Chrome requests permissions to use the microphone as an input source when making calls. For your convenience we advise you to always allow access to the microphone so that you don't have to do this everytime you make or receive a call.

If your browser doesn't support WebRTC then it's very likely that Twilio will use the flash plugin for VOIP calls and this is how it looks like
It's required to setup the flash permissions in order to make calls so you should allow the microphone access.
If you choose to remember the settings you will never have to do it again.

I forgot my phone before installing the application can I still use

I'm afraid that in this scenario there's not much it can be done. There's no way to run any application on Android after installion without the user interaction. If there's someone one that can install and run the application for you, then you can still use the application

Why do I get incoming calls and voicemails from +266696687, +7378742833, +8656696 or +266696687?

This usually happens when operators do not provide caller id information when forwarding a call to a number. When this happens operators usually provide these numbers that mean:

266696687 = ANONYMOUS
7378742833 = RESTRICTED
2562533 = BLOCKED
8656696 = UNKNOWN

How much does it cost to send SMS?

SMS are sent through your device so it's just like if you are sending an SMS yourself meaning that SMS costs will depend on your current plan.

Sometimes I can't disconnect a call, what can I do?

This is something that we know it happens but seems to be related with the browser.
Please restarting the browser and try again.

In what countries can I call using Phonnix?

In general you can use Phonnix to call in any country but it might not be possible to make calls to certain countries.
Forwarding calls to browser might not supported in all countries, check here

I can't login what shall I do?

- Make sure you go through these steps.
- Enable 3rd party cookies in your browser
- Clear the cache and/or cookies and then reload the login page




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